Web System

Rubysoftware Human Resource is a team full of experience in developing systems of websites with advanced technology platform to meet the diverse needs of customers. Besides, depending on the requirements and the size of each system, we will advise and implement these requirements with best quality products, deliver the most practical use for our customers.

  •      Programming languages: PHP, Java, .NET(ASP.NET, MVC), mySQL, CakePHP, JavaScript, HTML5.
  •      Development environment: NetBeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio.
  •      Communicate tools: Chatwork, Skype, Google Hangout.
  •      Management tools: Redmine, Trello, GitHub, Bitbucket, BackLog, Git, SVN, Visual SourceSafe



A good website system should keep abreast of customers’ requirements with a view to optimizing the interaction with the user. Website should reduce cumbersome operations, focusing on the utility for users, ensuring online safety, user-friendly interface and supports the implementation in many different environments.